Neuro-endocrine resources focused on recovery from the central nervous system

Many complaints and defined pathogenesen find their origin in the central nervous system. Each activity in the body, whether that’s a muscle that does not do what he is asked, is the attitude of the body which leads to complaints or the missing social intelligence with which people face to the world in conflict , can result from epigenetic objections of the central nervous system.

The brain and spinal cord that make up the central nervous system forms, represent the most complex piece of matter that we in the universe is known. It is the absolute spirit who find themselves in this matter and expresses, as late as this matter as a human being in its operation the, mind, in man are born, which in turn the operation of this complete system can complete, Supplement and change again.

The formation of this complex system is such that the Genesis creation evolution and the change in space and time have left their mark in favor of the final result. In the medulla oblongata and the brainstem are the United features associated with the basic living conditions such as breathing and heart operation and a number of much-needed business for life, while the higher human functions of introspection and reflection, language and logic lie hidden in the highest regions of the human brain, the cerebral cortex and particularly the prefrontal cortex. This last complemented by the action of millions of energetic circuits per second guarantee a good and healthy physical and mental-emotional functioning. It is life with all its ins and outs that can make own patterns in all those circuits which then can lead a life of their own. This for good or bad.

If at bad, what in most cases so a pathological development on physical and psychological-emotional area then this part characterized by interaction between client and the help giver. If the last a doctor or psychiatrist than are medications used which usually provide covering receptors on brain cells so that they are not activated by certain neurotransmitters. This course of action is therapeutic seen only limited shelf life. Should this be a psychologist/psychotherapist than problems to their root cause discussed and handled by gaining insight and self regulation.

Full recovery remains always the question while the registered capital that is involved with this whole is virtually priceless. The therapeutic methods used nowadays of naturopathy be required fall under the concept of psychosocial basis. This is good thing! It is these people who are used to work with natural medicine resources that will feel a special affinity with the resources by Vita products are developed for all these special brain parts. The expediënten are not only a welcome addition to the treatment selection, but also a business supplement if the nut on those complaints which accentuated the central nervous system itself. This related to fears and other emotions. A better social behavior through the empathic capacity. There are also certain motor and fine motor disturbances where the physical therapist can get no grip on. In that case, also think of all those elderly people behind a Walker, those who have trouble walking. The latter is accepted.

because at the age and seemingly is that so, however much of the recovery in this case comes from the motor cortex which resuscitated may be causing, the normal move, weather can come back. Targeted force is needed to the said. Modulated by mathematical interpretation is being able to do exactly that this force is what is necessary. Knowledge about the central nervous system is omnipresent, this is the application of this knowledge on energetic levels. The only thing that Vita products with these and other means aims is that recovery potential of freeing her shackle.

Expedient         Recovery Potential

Chaos 1                 Immuun globuline / Immuunglobuline.

Chaos 2                 Myeline                       / MS.

Chaos 3                 Cholesterol      / Cholesterol spiegel.

Chaos 4                 Reading and math /Dislectie/discalculie.

Chaos 5                 Pain                          /Pain

Chaos 6                 Blood Pressure / Blood              Pressure

Chaos 7                 Joints/Osteoarthritis/Arthritis

Chaos 8                 Breathing Centre/alkali.

Chaos 9                 Weight control/along with      colon No

Chaos 10              Herpes/all types of Herpes.

Chaos 11               Purkinjecells

Chaos 12              Natriumpump

Czs 1     Meninges/power supply and Cleaning/chronic headaches.

Czs 2     Ventricles/Liquor.

Czs 3     White white and grey matter/transfer of information storage.

Czs 4     Telenser phalon / large brain                     All lobs

Czs 5     Diencephalon  / Between brain, thalamus. hypothalamus, pituitary gland

Czs 6     Mesencephalon/ Middle brain/Sensory and motor skills/  heart operation.

Czs 7    Meylencephalon     / Rear-brain, Select Center with the rest of the body. Czs 8                     Cerebellumvezels   / Cerebellum, fine motor skills, disruption of the precise movement.

Czs 9     Cerebrellemvezels  / small brain/fine motor skills, distrebutie signals to cortex/motion disturbance.

Czs 10    Punch/sleep, breathing, swallowing.

Expediënt           Recovery Potential

Czs 11     Truncus cerebri  / brain stem/locus caeruleus. Sleep wake Centre, ademhalingbloeds-circulation and blood pressure.

Czs 12.   Medulla oblongata  /heart rate Breathing, digestive blood pressure.

CZS 13   Extra pyramidaal     / Motion commands to the basal ganglia for coarser locomotion trembling and tics Parkingson, Huntington, ect.

Czs 14    Piramida / Loss of fijnmotoriek. Paralysis/spasticiteit

Czs 15    Medulla spinalis grijs/ Loss of fijnmotoriek. Paralysis/spasticiteit

Czs 16    Medulla spinalis wit   / Loss of fine motory skills. Paralysis/spasticity

Czs 17    Thalumus  / Connection drive.

Czs 18    Hipothalamiun  / Blood pressure, heart rate, hunger, thirst and metabolism/anorexia.

Czs 19    limbisch systeem / Hippocampus/fornix/Amigdala Olfactory/Alzhheimer, memory loss, post-traumatic stress, complaints/Epilepsy Neuropsychology/sensation, smells and smell.

Czs 20    islands of calleja   /  heart palpitations and blood pressure. /  Behavior modification by schizpfrenie and cardiovascular disorders.

Czs 21    Cortex cerebri Neocortex         / Incentives to turn it into consciousness, thinking/acting.

Czs 22    Cortex/cerebri/allocortex / Cortex large brain stimuli into awareness, thinking and acting.

Czs 23    Cortex cerebrelli  / Sensory and Motor functioning/MS.

Czs 24   Frontale Cortex    / hypersexueel behavior Drugs, alcohol.

Expediënt           Recovery potential

Czs 25    Partietaele cortex  / Muscles and joints spatial thinking and acting. Dysphasia/aphasia, apraxia, agnosia, dyslexia/discalculie.

Cse 26    Occipitale cortex  / Processing of Visual information, seeing.

Czs 27    Temporale Cortex  / verbal memory, speech and hearing bark language understanding.

Czs 28   Insulaire cortex   / Meganisch Act self physically aware, mind, social emotion psychopathology

Czs 29    Cortex cingularis /   Painful stimuli-behavioral determination. Functieregulstie hadtslag.

Czs 30    Cingulate gyrus / Autonume functions and cognitive processes/heart rhythm, blood pressure and study.

Czs 31    Corpus geniculatum /  Lateral/Medinale/Visual and auditory perception/dislexie.

Czs 32    Laterale kernen  / Integral sensory stimuli.

Czs 33    Thalamus kernen/ Motor control/switching station and limbic system/information integration.

Czs 34    Subthalamaticus  / DIS fuction of Sub thalamaticuscore leads to ADHD

Czs 35    Lateraal geniculaire kern  / Select station for Visual information to visual cortex.

Czs 36    Nucleus reticularis Intralaminaris  /   attention incentives and regulating emotions.

Czs 37    Corpus striatum   / Memory leather-performance sleep emotion and language.

Expediënt           Recovery potential

Czs 38    Substantia nigra   /Parkinson.

Czs 39    Pedunculus cerebri / important groups of axons that are split to a tract by the penduculus cerebri cortisocospinalis and the tractus corticobulbaris.

Czs 40    Nucleus accumbens / Positive experience, desire and motivation. Liberating feeling by Dopamine/Defeat object behavior, compul.

Czs 41     Oxyrocine    / Anxiety social conflict, breastfeeding, kidneys, heart, fat cells/pleasure, friendship romantic interactions.

Czs 42    Vasopressine   / Water resorption in the kidneys and vasoconstrictor effect aggression, control blood pressure.

Czs 43    Dopamine  / Dopaminee circuis/from substantia Nigra. Parkinson/Cognetieve performance/beloning/straf.

Czs 44    Noradrenaline   / Emotions, State of brain activation and sleep/wake rhythm.

Czs 45    Ghreline   / Stimulates food intake and decrease/obesity.

Czs 46    Serotonine  / Mood and behavior, Endorphinproduction/painreduction and soothing/depression.

Czs 47    Acetylchlorine /  Signal transfer. Makes mucus in the bronchi. Blood pressure lowering/Myasteny (muscle weakness).

Czs 48    Palmitoylethanolamide / Anti inflammatory and anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

Czs 49   Nucleus supraschiasmaticus   / Biorhythm/biological clock.

Czs 50  Neurogenesis / Essentia Energetica / Quanten.