Rates & fees

It is always nice to know that often part of the treatment can be reimbursed. For 2019, the necessary changes have again been made with many insurance policies. Each insurer always has its own minus and plus points and rules that unfortunately change annually.

We have chosen not to conclude contracts with insurers because we have to work according to the insurer’s protocols.

In this way we can maintain the current quality we use for the clients, while retaining our independence.

What does this mean for the client: You first have to pay the bill yourself, after which you can send the bill by mail, mail or the app to the insurer for the possible declaration.


Intake and Consult 1 hour € 55.00
half an hour extra € 25.00
Consultation and / or treatment 1 hour € 55.00
half an hour extra € 25.00
1.5 to 2 hours of test work € 40.00
Work out 20 min complaint progress test € 15.00



Home visit:

For people who are unable to travel  to our practice, we have a good solution Up to 10 kilometers from home and no fuel costs. then € 0.40 per kilometer driven The cost of Intake and / or treatment is no more expensive than a visit to our practice.

The intake is free for up to 30 minutes at the following times: For appointments from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm on Monday through Thursday, on Dutch time.

On other days and times an intake interview for the first 30 minutes is € 30.00 for each subsequent half hour € 25.00 All treatment are equal in price so everyone with the same intension will be helped.