Magnetizing is a treatment method that has been used since ancient times. By transmitting positive energy through the healing radiation of the hands of the therapist, body and mind can regain balance.

When to magnetize?

In case of overload, overstretching, tension in the body. After an accident with an unrecognized and / or demonstrable cause. In the event of a blockage and / or obstruction in any kind. Magnetizing works with both small and large pain problems.

Magnetisation is suitable for both adults and children. The first session will consist of an intake interview and a short treatment. Magnetizing works through the exchange of energies The exchange finds its way between therapist and treated person.

Energy is added where necessary, where energy is negative or tired it will turn into a positive and enhanced energy. For a better end result some treatments are needed. For complaints that you have been hampered for a long time, our experience that multiple treatments are needed for a better end result.

What is happening?

Complaints can reduce and / or disappear. Complaints throughout the body can be reduced or completely remedied. The energetic balance in the body will also be restored as intended.

The treated areas often feel warm and relaxed. Your feeling during treatment gives the feeling that your blood is flowing again and is being recharged with renewed energy. This treatment can be combined with breathing exercises. By consciously breathing and knowing how to breathe it will have an enhanced effect on the entire healing process.

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